There’s no longer any doubt that a professionally-designed and maintained website is absolutely essential to the marketing and running of any modern business. Consumers often look at your website to get a feel for how comfortable they are with companies and to get information before making a purchasing decision. Even when marketers send information in the form of email or direct mail, those materials are often just a nudge to get the person to look at the website. A good website takes over from there, offering everything the person needs to make his or her decision.THE NEXT STEP: SEOIf you already have a well designed website showcasing your products and business, the next step is to help people find it. Of course, you can market your website in the traditional ways: TV and radio ads, email and direct mail marketing, billboards, etc. But recent surveys show that most people discover new businesses in one simple way: Google. People tend to search Google for a product or service they are looking for and then they choose one from the first page of results. Being on that first page of Google results is the name of the game in modern website marketing and it’s what our SEO service is all about.Example showing the results we get: a number one ranking in Google results for our targeted keywordOur SEO ServicesThe SEO services we offer our clients are not cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all like many SEO companies offer. Our highly experienced experts spend time looking at your website and doing a sophisticated analysis to determine the best way to improve your ranking in Google’s search results. Some of what we do includes:Deep analysis of current SEO resultsDevelopment of a game plan to improve based on your business goalsResearch into your business industry and competitors efforts in SEOTargeted keyword researchWebsite code modification to improve your site’s relationship with GoogleOngoing content writing to keep your site dynamic and livelySite statistics showing traffic increase over time as a result of SEO workMonthly reports showing site’s ranking in Google’s search results for each of your targeted keywordsWe always remember that each business is unique and is made up of individuals with goals and aspirations. We start fresh with each site consultation and take each businesses’ needs and goals into account. Our services are fully customized to get your the best results possible.OTHER WEBSITE SERVICESIf you don’t already have a website, or you have one that is due for an overhaul, that’s even better. Our professional designers and developers have over 15 years of experience developing high-performance websites that look professional and get tremendous results for their owners.We offer extremely affordable web design and hosting services, so we can provide you with a cutting-edge modern website that will become one of the cornerstones of your business. And when we build or re-design a website, we start the project with future SEO results in mind, so you can be sure that your site will have a great head start in getting amazing SEO results from day one.Just contact us today and we’ll get started on a proposal!