When working on a direct mail campaign, you have lots of options on the type of mailer or package to use. Surely one of the best and most effective products available is the snap pack (sometimes called SnapPak, Snapak, Snap Pac, Snap Mailers, or Pressure Sealed Mailers).Snap Pack mailers have been found to the super effective at getting the attention of the recipient. People in the US are accustomed to receiving all kinds of mail, including marketing offers, on a daily basis. We all know that some percentage of it goes directly into the trash or recycling bin without ever being opened or read. That is rarely the case when snap packs are used. Industry statistics show that snap pack (pressure sealed) mailers have over a 96% opening rate. That means that people who receive snap packs almost always pay attention to them.

an example of what a snap pack looks like

That kind of attention is exactly what you want for your direct mail campaign, and it’s what we can help you achieve. Whether you are using our highly targeted mailing lists for consumer marketing or even a political campaign, snap packs may be the best way to ensure that your message is seen.Snap packs can be used effectively for all kinds of direct mail needs: mortgage direct mail, reverse mortgage direct mail, automotive, new movers, new homeowners, residential direct mail, business direct mail. The list goes on.

Our incredibly accurate and up-to-date mailing lists can be used to reach a targeted audience of your choosing, and the snap pack mailers we offer go a long way toward ensuring that your audience opens and reads your message on the day they receive it. We can use our mailing lists to target specific people in the market for your services. For example, our new homeowner mailing lists are often used to reach people who have just purchased a new home and as such are looking for home improvement products, insurance products, etc. That kind of accuracy combined with the attention-getting nature of snap packs is a winning combination.

snap pack sample in three configurations

Industries that often use snap packs for their direct mailAs mentioned, snap packs can be used in almost any industry where a high open rate is desired. That means any industry that uses direct mail, since a high open rate is one of the most important goals of most marketers. Snap packs have been used by tax professionals and accountants, marketers in the health services, the mortgage industry, lawyers, financial institutions and banks, the solar industry, and of course the automotive industry.So, what is a snap pack?A snap pack is a pressure sealed mailer that is perforated on three of its sides for quick and deliberate opening by the recipient. The necessity of removing the perforated sides makes this type of mailer look official, urgent, and important. In fact, snap pack mailers are often used to carry important and time sensitive messages. This is why over 96% of recipients open snap packs and give them their full attention as soon as they see them.Why are snap packs so effective?Industry surveys have shown that many people are accustomed to receiving rebate checks and other highly anticipated documents inside of snap packs. So when they receive one, they have a lot of incentive to open it and read whats inside. Even when it’s not a desirable thing like a check, snap packs often contain highly sensitive or important information, which has made US mail recipients accustomed to taking them seriously.

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