Mortgage Live Transfers

The mortgage industry in the US is extremely attractive right now, regularly offering 30 year fixed mortgage rates under 4% for conforming loans. The industry has left the idea of subprime mortgages behind along with a great deal of the real estate equity throughout the country. There has been a major refocus of the underwriting guidelines and lending standards adhered to by the industry.These changes in the mortgage industry are part of what is making mortgage live transfers such a valuable tool. How it works is this: an outsourced call center receives a call and does the work of establishing the basic qualifying information for mortgage firms. It then performs a warm transfer of the call. This way, loan originators can work on extremely high quality applications and see very high conversion percentages.A typical mortgage live transfer campaign includes a call log and recording panel so that managers can review the call. This is a great tool for sales managers, allowing them to review leads, maintain proper scripting, and give direction and reinforcement to loan originators. This type of live transfer campaign is often planned according to scheduled hours, keeping in mind time zones, states, and statistics such as leads per day. Successful mortgage firms are finding that a live transfer campaign is a perfect fit for their marketing needs.


We specialize in exclusive and valuable live transfer leads for a variety of industries and businesses. Our clients are finding that live transfers are the fastest and most effective way to gain new business clients and establish larger revenue streams. We have seen our clients double their revenue within a few months of using our live transfer leads.We use the latest technology to create live transfer leads that connect you to a potential customer in real time. As soon as you answer the phone, the live lead is there and ready to listen. This technique is a great way to find potential customers who are clearly interested in your services or products. These are people who are actively looking for you.No matter what the industry, from insurance, to mortgages, to consumer products, live transfer leads are a proven effective way to bring in new clients and customers. Some live transfer companies sell the same leads from old databases with out-of-date contact information. This doesn’t do you a lot of good. We use up-to-date databases filled with high quality information so that your conversions go through the roof.The techniques we use to produce live transfer leads have been proven to work for a wide range of industries including mortgage, tax debt, insurance, and final expense. We provide a variety of clients with valuable live transfer leads. We constantly test and re-examine our lead generation techniques and tools to ensure that they are of the highest quality available.If your business could benefit from live transfer leads, contact us today to get started. We provide the highest levels of customer service and our lead generation tools give you the best data you can get. Best of all, our live transfer leads are exclusive; we don’t sell the same old leads to everyone. If you’re curious as to whether not not live transfer leads are right for you, call us and we’ll be happy to help!

Give IMG Direct Marketing a call at 888-669-8857 and let’s get started! We can provide you with truly excellent live transfers to help you grow your business.


Live transfer leads increase ROI dramatically

When it comes to valuable sales tools, live transfer leads are as good as it gets. They allow you to use a digital calling platform to connect with customers who are ready to commit the same day. Live transfer leads can be used to deliver high quality prospective clients and customers directly to your phones. Whether you are a small sole proprietorship or a call center with dozens of phone agents, this type of lead and help you increase sales dramatically. They allow you to close more deals, faster.Like any business owner, you are always looking for a way to significantly increase your efficiency in sales, profitability, and quality of customer service. Live transfer leads allow you to do all of those things at once. Our clients have told us that adding this tool to their marketing strategy has made the biggest change in their businesses in recent years.There is no doubt that inbound sales calls are the lifeblood of many businesses, from insurance, to mortgages, to auto sales. We have found that adding live transfer leads to this solid base can produce a much better return on investment than almost any other kind of traditional leads alone.People who are searching for insurance, mortgage info, or other types of information online are highly motivated and ready to make a commitment. Imagine having these calls transferred directly to you or someone on your sales team. The potential for growth is unlimited.

How live transfer leads differ from other lead types

This type of lead allows you to do some important things. For example, you receive your lead quickly, in real time. You start speaking to a live person on the phone at just the right time… when they’re actively seeking information on the products and services you offer. This allows you to see and measure your results in a matter of minutes, not months like with traditional advertising.With live transfers you can control the number of leads you invest in per day. This allows you to customize your flow of leads depending on how quickly you and your staff can handle them.Live transfer leads also have amazing closing ratios compared to other types of marketing and advertising. Since these leads are active and highly motivated, the return on investment with live transfers is far superior to other types of leads.

What makes live transfers so valuable

At IMG, we have a lot of experience with and knowledge of the sales cycles and trends of the industries we serve. With years of traditional offline and online marketing experience, we are able to offer lead proposals that fit your budget and give you that high return on investment you’re always looking for. Companies of all sizes, large and small, can benefit from the advantages of live transfer leads to connect with eager potential customers.One example of an industry that is benefitting tremendously from live transfers is the insurance industry. Since these live transfers happen in real time, an insurance agent is connected to a motivated buyer right at the moment they are looking to buy.When we are developing leads, we make sure we are targeting customers who are actively shopping for and researching insurance policies. These customers have a clear goal to find coverage in the near future, making them just the people you want to talk to!

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