Direct mail marketing is a tried and true technique practiced by businesses and organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to the Fortune 500. A solid direct mail campaign can give a great return on investment by showing how many potential customers respond to a clear call to action. Other forms of advertising tend to focus less on calls to action, instead attempting to create an emotional awareness of the brand being advertised. Few forms of marketing are able to continually prove their impact on an organizations bottom line as well as direct mail. Insurance direct mail is more effective now than ever before.

Insurance is a vibrant and constantly-growing market in the United States. This is because every American is a potential customer for various types of insurance throughout his or her lifetime. Additionally, our experience has shown that Direct Mail Marketing is a great way to reach your potential customers with messages on all kinds of insurance offers. Direct mail is one of the most trusted and well-established marketing techniques in the insurance industry.

Despite the fact that insurance is needed by nearly everyone, it is still important to use highly targeted and accurate data, such as our insurance mailing lists, to get your message to the right people at the right time. A recent article in “Health Insurance Underwriter” magazine, a majority of insurance clients live within five miles of their insurance agency’s office. This is great information to keep in mind when you are choosing your insurance mailing list and planning your direct mail marketing strategy.

Why Direct Mail for Insurance?

Direct mail marketing gives the insurance company a high level of control over the message that is conveyed to potential clients. It is also highly cost-effective, allowing you to save money on marketing and advertising while still reaching your most active prospects.

Recent blog posts on Insurance Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing for insurance in 2014

Many insurance agents and marketers are using direct mail to generate valuable insurance leads. Statistics compiled by the Direct Marketing Association show that insurance providers and marketers spend over $6 billion per year on direct mail marketing. With all the available methods of marketing insurance, insurance agents find that direct mail gives them a clearly measurable way of generating their leads and finding new customers and clients.

Different kinds of Direct Mail Marketing for Insurance agents

Insurance brokers and agents have a wide variety of direct marketing techniques to choose from in their marketing efforts. For example, direct mail letters and direct mail post cards are popular proven products for reaching insurance clients. It’s possible to buy valuable leads in the form of local insurance mailing lists, which can be used to mail out lead-generating pieces. This is a traditional and well-respected way of marketing insurance offers.

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Insurance is one of those very special categories of business in which every person in the country can be considered a prospective customer. And in our experience, targeted direct mail is one of the most common ways that people discover and consider new insurance products and offers.Whatever type of insurance you are offering: Homeowners, Property & Liability, Automotive, Mortgage, Medicare Supplement, life, or Final Expense, direct mail with insurance mailing lists is a proven and reliable way to get your message out.A recent survey of professionals in our industry attempted to determine the most popular types of mail pieces used in insurance direct mail. As expected, envelopes appear to be the dominant format by a large margin, accounting for 90% of all insurance direct mail. Insurance mailings tend to contain a large amount of information, making envelopes a good choice.

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