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VA Mailing Lists

If you have VA loan services to offer, one of your main concerns must be how to let potential customers know about your offers. Marketing can be expensive, so you don't want to waste any time, effort, or money getting your message out to people who aren't even in the market for your services. This is exactly how targeted direct mail marketing can be useful. The purpose of using highly accurate and up-to-date VA Mailing Lists is to ensure that your message is being seen by the right people, your potential customers, at the right time. At IMG Direct Marketing, we have years of experience working with our clients to design and develop extremely effective marketing campaigns, using our high quality mailing materials combined with our industry-leading VA Mailing lists.

Important Information About VA Loans and Mailing Lists

VA mailing lists

What is a VA loan? It is a mortgage loan, issued by qualified lenders, that is backed-up by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

This program was specifically created to give long-term financing to American military veterans and/or their surviving spouses. The purpose of the VA direct home loan program is to provide financing to certain veterans in areas where private financing may not be available, and to help military veterans to purchase homes without needing to save a down payment. The areas targeted by the VA program are usually rural areas and smaller cities and towns, not large cities or commuting areas.

A VA loan typically allows a veteran to qualify for a loan amount that is larger than he or she would qualify under traditional loan programs. VA insures the mortgage where the monthly payment is up to 41% of the gross monthly income. The details of VA loan maximum amounts vary by county.

People in the market for a VA loan are highly engaged and open to offers from direct mail marketing. Our VA Mailing Lists are always kept accurate and up-to-date, pulling data from multiple sources both public and private. We can help you reach thousands of potential customers with your direct mail campaign.

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Benefits of VA Loans in the current market

According to a recent article on's Money section, and contrary to what many Americans think, it's a great time for service members to refinance their mortgages or purchase new homes. Mortgage rates are quite low right now and many homes are selling at discounted prices.

Access to a Veterans Affairs Home Mortgage Loan (VA Loan) program is one of the unique benefits afforded to military personnel. The VA loan program offers great mortgage benefits for active duty service members as well as veterans and surviving spouses. It can also be used for repairing or improving existing homes and installing efficiency measures.

VA loan mailing lists

Here are some of the benefits of the VA loan program which you may want to mention in your VA direct marketing with VA mailing lists:

  • the VA program does not deny a loan based solely on credit scores
  • most lenders don't tier interest rates for better scores on VA loans
  • the VA program usually looks at only the previous 12 months of credit history
  • the VA home mortgage loan doesn't require a down payment
  • if the borrower has a service-related disability, they may qualify for the lender to waive the funding fee

With all this information at your disposal, it's a great time to reach potential VA loan customers with our VA mailing lists.

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